UberFacts: These Great Facts Might Make Your Day a Little Bit More Interesting t.co/GjSAMWTRm8

Funny Or Die: remember our hoverboard prank with Tony Hawk? it now lives on in viral internet history: t.co/Switeg9KpN @Gizmodo @tonyhawk

The Washington Post: Former Kentucky governor defends pardons; argues America is a nation that supports redemption t.co/AhfyBA2CI1

ABC News: In one decade, the way we consume TV has been completely revolutionized. t.co/ROEK6TpCXv

The Washington Post: She needed to fill her prescription for the morning-after pill. The pharmacist refused because of his "beliefs." t.co/AAzURCietS

The Washington Post: Hundreds of anti-vaxxers flood New Jersey capital to protest bill that would end religious exemptions t.co/gU8VNBioLk

E! News: Kim Kardashian Opens Up About IVF and Undergoing 5 Operations After Pregnancy With Saint t.co/o7zWzmMGgY

Maroon 5: with @leonbridges and @Meghan_Trainor is on-sale now! Grab your tickets at t.co/GmFeLANq0p t.co/Inqvdtsw2Y

The Washington Post: South Carolina gets approval to impose Medicaid work requirements t.co/DZpFX4IIjL

John Legend: Happy birthday to my awesome mother in law! t.co/mDIC0QYpbI

UberFacts: "Post-micturition convulsion syndrome" is the technical term for that shiver you sometimes get after urinating.

Vogue Magazine: Spark joy before (and after) unwrapping presents with these holiday wrapping paper options. t.co/SyOkL6MKIX

The White House: This is beyond politics.

It should concern every American. t.co/Cg2wZPGcB8


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