Rachel Maddow MSNBC: RT @KevinMKruse: I always thought those scenes where the defendant stands up in the courtroom and screams threats at the prosecutor were a…

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Rachel Maddow MSNBC: RT @samstein: Ready to read 54,567 or so takes on how Trump "lost" those on the fence Senators by sending this tweet confirming he can be v…

TIME: Scientists confirm that stress can indeed turn hair grey t.co/tLAGBkJlVo

The Washington Post: Trump’s lawyers begin their defense in impeachment trial as Republicans rally around the president t.co/UbHruXFmiT

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CNN International: A young mother was breastfeeding her baby at a Chick-fil-A when a store manager approached her and asked her to cov… t.co/EQEF5WYKzJ

CNN: A young mother was breastfeeding her baby at a Chick-fil-A when a store manager approached her and asked her to cov… t.co/y5iOyrnhFu

ABC News: Lions and tigers rescued from circuses in Guatemala arrived at a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa after enduring… t.co/DY7axw24Ze

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Vogue Magazine: These healthy alternatives will radically change what you consume. t.co/fxpl1MjeuI

Amit Shah: RT @AmitShahOffice: Union Home Minister Shri @AmitShah Ji addressing a public meeting in Rohtas Nagar, Delhi. t.co/jQM2ZFjA1P

ABC News: FREE AT LAST: Firefighters come to the aid of a three-month-old puppy that got its head caught in a spare tire in C… t.co/Aa9fTBxves

CGTN: More than 11 billion yuan in funds has been allocated to help control the outbreak in China. The funds… t.co/k0fGIMjvA5

E! News: Anything is possible with breakfast at Tiffany's & bottles of bubbles—including being nominated for 5 . The… t.co/KSp4ENQR5J

Breaking News: “I am afraid that it will continue for some time, and the number of cases may increase.”

Ma Xiaowei, China’s healt… t.co/7J7K5OKJTc

The Washington Post: U.S. confirms 3rd coronavirus case, as infection surges across China, where known cases increased 50 percent in jus… t.co/StHdBLAjTp

TIME: "I created a system to make sure my husband and I divide household duties fairly. Here's how it works" t.co/ye2jJDDHVw


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