TIME: Chile is "at war" its president says, as continuing clashes leave 12 dead t.co/xvfjhOJE3G

TIME: This is what you call going to great lengths to win Halloween t.co/6kai5cVV3Y

The New York Times: Breaking News: Hungary's leader is said to have fueled President Trump's hostility toward Ukraine in a meeting held over John Bolton's objections t.co/gYuBVMfT6x

The New York Times: These notes chronicle the mental and emotional state of frontliners at Hong Kong protests, who are coming to terms with risking death for their beliefs.

Watch them explain their situation in their own words: t.co/7EmwVJFFsD

The Wall Street Journal: Shari Redstone, vice chairwoman of CBS and Viacom, talks with Journal Editor in Chief @murraymatt at t.co/hi3j9WFi4W

The Wall Street Journal: The fake sneaker market is booming, though many buyers would rather you called them "replicas". t.co/ZMuoflMW69

The Wall Street Journal: From @WSJopinion: A lauded 2000 article study claiming to find sexism in American orchestras looks increasingly spurious, writes @CHSommers t.co/X2D4jfrkZF

The Wall Street Journal: Hudson Yards touted its array of restaurants as one of its significant draws. But none has earned a star rating in the latest New York Michelin Guide, considered one of the benchmarks in fine dining. t.co/93xdAQUTIM

The New York Times: Evening Briefing: Here's what you need to know at the end of the day t.co/xGNxAB6cgJ

The New York Times: "The prison guards undid a giant padlock, swung open a heavy metal door and gestured for us to enter the cell. Inside were 22 prisoners who had been captured in battles with the Islamic State," our reporter @NYTBen writes t.co/bRl5xXgn95

The Washington Post: How the Nationals and Astros match up in the 2019 World Series t.co/QGw5jwVhZ3

BBC News (UK): Harry Dunn crash: Police to fly to US to interview suspect t.co/4ItMluDUTQ

BBC News (UK): Ageing prison population 'sees officers working as carers' t.co/4roRUebBRz

BBC News (UK): Brexit: Johnson in last push to get deal through t.co/HnHtW0VRRC

BBC News (UK): Canadian election: Trudeau's Liberals 'retain power' t.co/uGR6wj3YuS

BBC Breaking News: Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party is set to retain power but as a minority government, according to projections by Canada's national broadcaster, CBC News t.co/94iEWBOnbe

ABC News: A raging fire destroyed a large garage in West Philadelphia and led to evacuations at a nearby high school and day care.

No injuries reported. t.co/W5cb6sfkDS t.co/OYu5PPQZzb

ABC News: Pope Francis' controversial meeting on the Amazon has taken a criminal twist after thieves stole indigenous fertility statues from a Vatican-area church and tossed them into the Tiber River. t.co/h26FwqE1et

ABC News: Vladimir Putin is following China's lead and making a splashy bid for influence in Africa, taking advantage of the Trump administration's seemingly waning interest in the continent. t.co/BsGIVt3BNy

ABC News: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson attempted for a second time to secure lawmakers' backing for his European Union divorce deal, as Parliament geared up for a grueling week of political warfare over Brexit. t.co/uFgb5NqJUp


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