RT @SenKevinCramer: Yesterday @RepAdamSchiff spent 8 hours making 1 hour's worth of a case for why we should impeach President @realDonaldT…

RT @MarshaBlackburn: Vindman’s commanding officer, Army Lt. Col. Jim Hickman: “Do not let the uniform fool you. He is a political activist…

RT @GreggJarrett: Rep. Jim Jordan Delivers Knockout Blow to Schiff’s Reputation t.co/oryrz3wKfr t.co/4ibupe7PTt

More than anything else, the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, like AOC, Omar, Cryin’ Chuck, Nervous Nancy & Shif… t.co/OZQXuLnVQo

RT @GreggJarrett: This entire impeachment process has been the true 'abuse of power' for political gain by the Democrats and especially Nan…

“I often get asked the question, well, isn’t the President going to be stronger and harder to beat if he survives t… t.co/Y82x1iwDI7

After having been treated unbelievably unfairly in the House, and then having to endure hour after hour of lies, fr… t.co/wd1vu8p9EK

....a foreign power, engaged in clandestine intelligence activities, and yet they still asked for the renewal, two… t.co/ubpKAAYZgX

Frances Hakes, former Federal prosecutor, “This is really significant. The FBI had debunked the Steele Dossier in J… t.co/LUsKJahxd6

RT @SCAttyGenOffice: .@AGAlanWilson is leading an unprecedented action in which 21 AGs filed the first-ever “friend of the Senate” letter…

RT @GOPLeader: Schiff’s doctrine = If at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again.

RT @GOPLeader: This sums up the last three years ↴

President Trump working overtime to defend America.

Democrats working overtime to defa…

RT @RealCandaceO: LET’S GO AMERICA🇺🇸!
After 2 years of fighting and challenging the status quo— I finally wrote it.
The book Democrats do…

RT @TomFitton: ENEMIES list? Targets of reported illegal monitoring by ousted Amb to Ukraine? t.co/my2NV8TOgS

RT @dbongino: History: Trump to Become First President to Attend March for Life Rally t.co/W6qVJz8lzF


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